CSCE 215: Unix/Linux FUndamentals

Course Summary:

This course introduces the fundamentals of UNIX/Linux with emphasis on using the command-line interface and shell. The topics covered in the course are:

  • Navigating the File System using the Shell

  • The VIM Text Editor

  • Command Line Arguments and Options

  • STDIO Redirection and Pipes

  • Wildcards and Regular Expressions

  • Shell Scripting and Makefiles

  • Permissions, Processes, and Jobs

Lecture 00

Introduction and History

In this lecture, we discuss the course's structure and some historical and background information about computing, operating systems, and UNIX/Linux.

Lecture 01

Navigation and Fundamental Commands

This lecture teaches students the fundamental shell commands found in most UNIX/Linux systems including cd, ls, mv, rm, etc. We also briefly cover the file system hierarchy.